Our MS Library has a range of books on different aspects of MS available for our members to borrow.

Contact our Field Worker to arrange access.

Titles available include:

  • MS: New Hope & Practical Advice for PWMS and their Families – Author David Ashton
  • Finding Harmony – Author Sally Hyder
  • Fly With Me: A true story of Healing from MS – Author Helen Phillips
  • Overlooked Causes and the Prevention ot MS, Heart Dis & Canc – Author Arthur Douglass Alexander
  • The  Brain That Changes Itself – Author Norman Doidge MD
  • Curing MS: How Science is Solving The Mysteries of MS – Author Howar L Weiner
  • When the Diagnosis is MS, Help, Hope & Insights – Author Kym Orsetti Furney
  • MS and Having  a Baby – Author Judy Graham
  • Exercises for MS ; A safe and effective program – Author Brad Hamler
  • Facing the Cognitive Challenges of MS –  Author  John Gingold
  • Mental Sharpening Stones : Manage the Cognitive Challenges – Author Jeffery N Gingold
  • MS for Dummies –  Author Nancy Holland
  • Healing MS : Diet, Detox and , A Journey Into MS and Back Again – Author Linda Land
  • Primary Progressive MS : What You Need to Know – Author Burks, Holland & Schneider
  • Yoga & MS – Author Loren Fishman
  • MS Current Clinical Neurology – Author Michael J Olek

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