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Dear Regions,

Please see below for an update from the Ministry of Health regarding the transformation of the disability support system received this morning:

The Minister for Disability Issues Nicky Wagner will be releasing a Cabinet paper today about the high-level design for transforming the disability support system.

This has been worked on by a group of disabled people, disability sector representatives, NASC and officials.

The high-level design includes a front-end information hub which will provide information about disability and the support available, and will build on the work that has been done by DIAS.

The Ministry, alongside the sector, is excited about the work of system transformation.

We acknowledge that change can be difficult and it is important we recognise people working in the system have been doing their best to deliver services and supports to people with a disability within the current constraints.

The Cabinet paper does not include the organisational form of the future system. Further work will need to be done on the implications for DIAS contracts as we develop the detailed design in the next phase. There will be no change to contracts at this stage and we will keep you informed as the work progresses.

Accompanying the Cabinet paper will be a Cabinet paper summary, Frequently Asked Questions and a press release.

You will be able to find more details on the Beehive website:

The Cabinet paper, summary and FAQs will be posted on the Enabling Good Lives website:


The Ministry of Health is pleased to launch its disability respite strategy today. ‘Transforming Respite’ will make it easier to take a break from the caring role.

Changes to the respite model will include:
· offering disabled people and their families/whânau a flexible respite budget
· increasing the range of quality respite options available
· making administration of payments easier
· providing better information about respite.

The strategy is available on the Ministry’s website here:

This strategy is the result of feedback from the disability sector about the improvements needed and aspirations for the future. Thank you to everyone who helped us design the strategy, including those who did our survey, attended a meeting, workshop or presentation, made a written submission and helped us engage with youth. Your time and effort is most appreciated.

The next step is to prepare a detailed implementation plan.