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NZ MS Societies

MS Society of New Zealand                  www.msnz.org.nz

MS Society – Auckland                         www.msakl.org.nz

MS Society – Waikato                          www.mswaikato.org.nz

MS Society – Wellington                        www.mswellington.org.nz

MS Society – Canterbury                       www.ms-pd.org.nz

International MS Organisations

MS Society of America                         www.nationalmssociety.org

MS Society of Great Britain                  www.mssociety.org.uk

MS Society of Australia                        www.msaustralia.org.au

MS Society of Canada                          www.mssociety.ca

International Federation of MS             www.msif.org

MS Resource Centre                            www.msrc.co.uk


Carers                                                   www.Carers.net.nz

MS Moms                                               www.msmoms.com

Invisible Disabilities Advocate                www.invisibledisabilities.org

General Support & Information

Webhealth – Health, Disability

Welfare information in NZ                   www.webhealth.co.nz

Betaferon                                           www.medsafe.govt.nz

Avonex                                               www.avonex.com

Copaxone                                           www.copaxone.com

Immunex                                             www.immunex.com

Alternative Medicine                           www.ms-cam.org

International Journal of MS Care – Online First Articles are now available below:

Online First Articles


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