Positive Thinking

MS can cause changes in mood and feelings. There are now many treatments available to help manage these often upsetting and difficult aspects of MS.

Therapies and self-help techniques can all make it easier to cope.

Even so, mood, emotional and behavioural symptoms of MS – which can include depression – are sometimes overlooked, not fully acknowledged, or even dismissed as an understandable emotional reaction to the condition.

While there are some common emotional experiences, how each individual responds will depend on their character and personal history.  It is impossible to predict who will be affected by these emotional symptoms or how. There is no set ‘MS personality’ and many people with MS do not experience changes in their mood, feelings and behaviour.

Ways that may help you cope with emotional changes:

  • Learn more about your condition e.g. ask your GP, Neurologist, your local society.
  • Find a support group and talk to others who have MS
  • Plan ahead before you go on an outing e.g. find out about parking, bathrooms etc
  • Avoid isolating yourself
  • Take time to relax and unwind
  • Ask for help from friends or family
  • Talk to a counsellor
  • Join in with support groups
  • Maintain your self esteem

If you experience any changes in mood, emotions or behaviour, do seek medical advice. Your healthcare team can provide help and support.

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